As a part of our mission to enrich the experience of hospitality professionals, we built and maintain a fund with the express purpose of financially assisting hospitality professionals in need (The G.A.A.P. Fund). INDSTRI also sponsors training programs, all of which are available to the public. Critically, all disbursement decisions are made by our membership and our partnered organizations based on the ability of recipients to demonstrate need.

G.A.A.P. Fund – Gabriel Alonzo Assistance Program Fund

INDSTRI began with a small group of associates aimed at helping service and hospitality professionals through difficult times. The first member of that organization was Gabriel Alonzo. In honor of his life, trials, tribulations, and humongous heart, INDSTRI established a fund in his name to provide crisis intervention grants to hospitality professionals. The aim of the fund is to mitigate the effects of injury, illness, and lack of child care provided the events are:

  • Involving damage to the person or property (injury, illness, car accident, etc.)
  • Incidental rather than chronic.
  • Described in detail and documented.
  • Creating an untenable life or safety situation (homelessness, etc.)

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Our membership and our partners make all of this possible. Please consider partnering, joining, or giving to help us continue to make difference in the lives of those who have chosen to serve.