INDSTRI is an organization founded by hospitality industry professionals to connect and ally each other with the common goals of building a community and intervening in the lives of our friends and families in a positive manner. To accomplish this, we are constantly looking for professionals who are like minded, and dedicated to uplifting their peers.

INDSTRI Membership Application

Membership in INDSTRI encompasses both attitude and activity. Key is an attitude of deference while engaging in hospitality. Additionally membership includes participation in charitable events, codes of conduct, and a host of other activities and behaviors.

Within those guidelines, we offer a unique opportunity to experience a side of the service industry that is rarely seen; and when seen, is equivalent to a flash in the pan. We fellowship with each other. We create programs that build people up. We help members find employment. We host events for networking. Most importantly, we make the effort to ensure we are always looking out for “Us”. 

While INDSTRI is first and foremost a communal organization, we like to think of it as a family. Family looks out for each other. 

Membership is $25 per month. All dues are used to continue the organization’s mission.

We believe our mission to build better hospitality starts with connections and ends with giving. Working in the industry carries both risks and rewards. The greatest of these risks are common to all workers, but are especially consequential for industry workers. These include Transportation, Accommodation, and most importantly, Child Care (Governance). INDSTRI, through the donations and discretion of its members, provide assistance with all of these risks.

Members will be able to apply for and recommend individuals for all INDSTRI assistance programs, attend educational training events, convene at INDSTRI happy hours, receive job announcements, and many more things to come.

Membership is only available to current hospitality industry workers (both full and part time). Check stubs from the preceeding 12 months will be considered verification. Verification may take place throughout the duration of one’s membership.

Please contact us for membership information or apply here.