Hospitality adds to the individual.

Our organization believes in the power of hospitality. Hospitality is the process of building a repoire with an individual, whether stranger or neighbor; welcoming them as if they were lords returning home.

Everyone knows that a friendly demeanor keeps clients coming back. Knowing how to foster that demeanor and allow it to grow organically is a much a skill as an art. We believe that both require increasing your knowledge base and gaining experience and have engineered a space that will bring hospitality to the hosts of the industry.

Through this effort we believe like-minded individuals will  learn faster, and gain an appreciation for the positive effect hospitality can have on the individual; both building them up and the industry as a whole.

Our Story

We began as a small happy hour group affectionately known as the Gentleman’s Bureau. The group, composed primarily of caterers and bartenders, spent our time reliving our greatest moments during the city’s industry nights. We graduated to discussions on technical skills and best practices and eventually to having our own events. INDSTRI was born shortly thereafter.

As we grow, our programs will assist dozens of hospitality professionals in making ends meet both charitably and through their own skills and initiative.

Our Executive Team 

All of our executives have spent at least a decade in the hospitality industry. As a leaders of this nonprofit, these executives are dedicated to supporting and guiding the organization with the most important benefit being the satisfaction of assisting their fellow hospitality professionals.


Justin Loston

Founder & President


Ashlee Kelley

Founder & Secretary



Founder & Treasurer

Become a member of the organization and have a direct impact on our direction, who we help, and how? 


What is INDSTRI?

A 501C3 nonprofit public charity.

What is INDSTRI’s mission?

To enrich the experience of hospitality professionals everywhere through camaraderie, education, community service, and charitable aid.

Who can benefit from INDSTRI’s programs?

The general public, members (with the exception of Directors and Executives), partners employees.

How much are dues for membership?

$15/month, $150/year ($10 for employees of partner organizations).